Summer Tan - Diet Skin Care And Makeup Tips

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A  beautiful tan, is above all a well prepared tan. Summer is already in and it’s time to think about the right gestures on food, care and beauty. To obtain a deep golden tan, it is necessary that our body has at his disposal all means necessary and of course our most valuable ally, sunscreen!

Healthier Eating Habits

It is imperative to properly prepare the skin for sun exposure when the summer comes. Diet plays a very important role. Foods rich in beta-carotene, carotenoids are natural pigments found in fruits and vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, apricots and have an antioxidant effect, while also protecting against ultraviolet rays.

Foods rich in selenium which is an oligo-element found in meat, seafood, vegetables, cheese and high protein foods protects against sunburn, helps you tan better and slows skin aging, acting against free radicals.

Foods rich in vitamin A prevents skin cancer, promotes healing and helps to renew skin cells. It is found in all animal tissues, such as as retinol.

Foods rich in vitamin C are beneficial on prophylaxis in the preventive treatment of skin aging. Mainly contained in vegetables and fruits ,the prophylaxis is present in large amounts in spinach, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, tomatoes and peaches.

Summer Diet for a Beautiful Tanned Skin

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Vegetable oils (rapeseed, soy, tree nuts) and fish rich in omega 3 (salmon, sardines, tuna) also prevent dehydration and dryness of the skin. Of course, besides all these wonder foods, you should drink lots of water.

For those of you who wish to make a capsules cure to prepare your skin for summer tan: usually capsules are composed of beta-carotene. This intensifies the tan and makes it more sustainable. However, this cure of beta carotene does not protect against sunburn. It is therefore essential to protect yourself with sunscreen.

Care Habits

To get a nice and uniform golden tan it’s necessary to have an adequate beauty ritual: Exfoliation! This little beauty ritual helps to get rid of dead small skin and you can apply it a couple of days before sun exposure. The epidermis is thinned out and the sun rays penetrate more easily. You will get a tan faster but beware also that the skin defends itself less. Sun protection tailored to your skin type is essential to avoid sunburn.

Those of you who want to arrive on the beach with a tanned skin can make some tanning sessions before going on holiday. In this case, it’s also necessary to make a gentle body scrub before applying your self tanner to avoid tainting or marking. Self-tanner has no protective effect for your skin, it will give you a very nice golden orange color but without actual melanin. Keep in mind that you should still use sunscreen and expose yourself to the sun between certain time interval. Avoid the sun between 12 and 16.

Maintaining your skin’s beauty on a daily basis is also important. This requires applying a gel, serum, cream, milk…(texture that suits you). The more the skin is exposed to the sun, the more it becomes sensitive to UV and therefore dehydrates and dries. By providing a nourishing texture before, during and after sun exposure, you will promote the reconstruction of the protective film, so you can avoid wrinkles and crocodile skin effect!

Upon exposure to the sun it’s important to choose the sunscreen based on your skin type, there are several degrees of protection for you to choose.

TIPS: As a personal choice, I would suggest the carrot oil from Melvita that I tried recently. This Bio oil has this beautiful orange color which is very rich  in provitamin A. It has softening and regenerating properties, offering a natural tanning complexion and it’s also an excellent after sun repair treatment.

Beauty Habits

Sublimate your tanned skin

The secret to enhance your tan is using powder sun. Easy to apply, it accentuates just right your tanned skin. Radiance satin or matte finish, simply choose the color that suits you according to the desired effect.

TIPS: Turn your brush into the powder, tap your hand to remove excess, then go gently on your face starting from the forehead, nose and chin and then back on the cheeks.

Choose the right blush

Accentuate your good looks and bet on the radiance with blush. From pink to apricot, choose your color according to your skin tone and your tanning. But the secret to a true summer blush, is to choose a palette of blush.

TIPS: The blush is applied for a finishing touch, after sun powder. Use the desired shade according to your skin tone, choosing shades of pink for fair skin and apricot shades for matte  skin. Or if you have a color chart, sweep the surface of the powder. Healthy glow guaranteed.

If you want to shape your face, put on your cheekbones dark shades. For a touch of light, put light colors on top of your cheekbones.

Light for the eyes

Make your eyes sparkle with pastel eyeshadow and glitter. Choose soft colors like coral, pale pink, purple and green water.Your eyes should show through the makeup and go with your tan. Play on the golden hue to recall the summer sun.

TIPS: Dress your eyelids with a golden hue on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye to accentuate the light. Then, in the outer corner top of the eyelids apply a little blush of pale pink or coral by melting it in the gold color.

To give depth to your eyes and bring them out on your tan skin, choose a mascara that enhances your eyelash lengthening them and giving them volume. In summer, to avoid disaster with your make-up because of the heat, the pool, or the sea you can opt for a waterproof mascara which dries quickly.

TIPS: Apply a coat of mascara on top eyelashes for a beautiful volume then go below your eyelashes to lengthen them.

Candy lips

Give a volume effect to your lips with a plumping gloss and glitter or red moisturizer. Choose it in a shade as greedy and tangy, apricot, gold, soft pink. You could go for a transparent gloss, glittery one or a natural one, but always choose one with extreme shine.You are tanned, dare bright colors at night. Remember to take a nourishing gloss for your lips as they are often dry because of the sun.

TIPS: Move the tip of the gloss on your lips. You can tap with your finger for a more natural effect.

Summer Tan - The right food, skin care and makeup

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Ladies, with good nutrition, good care, and makeup tips, you are ready to spend the summer with confidence! Good sun to all of you (even you guys)!