Miinto, online fashion shop Did you ever wish you could find all your favorite fashion brands in one place and do your shopping safe and quick from the comfort of your home? And when talking about fashion brands, we’re not referring only to the giants from the industry, but also to smaller, local shops or independent fashion designers that deserve the same attention. With the online shopping industry becoming more and more powerful, two young Danish entrepreneurs made this happen.

Miinto.com,  a platform for online fashion shopping brings together local shops, boutiques and designers from their  physical, real stores in one place. In this way, smaller local fashion can compete with more popular brands, and you have a wide variety of brands from which you can make your choice. And there are literally hundreds of brands and boutiques available on Miinto – somewhat close to 800, covering children, women and men clothing.

From worldwide popular brands like Moschino, Nike, Adidas, Diesel or Ralph Lauren, to independent local brands, Miinto is a real treat both for fashion lovers but also to people who love that have choices when it comes to choosing and buying their clothing. The virtual experience of shopping is like being in the real, actual shop, as you all the details about the shop from which you are buying are available on the website. It’s simple and safe.

The concept behind Miinto is the same one used by the company Just Eat, company providing service for ordering takeaway food online. Following a nine year success with this business, the people behind Just Eat adapted the concept for the clothing industry.

Started in 2009 as the initiative of Mike and Konrad, two Danish entrepreneurs, Miinto aims at giving local independent shops and boutiques a voice and space online. After a real success in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, last year Miinto arrived in the US and established itself in Miami, and recently became available also in UK, Ireland and Holland.

Online fashion shopping taken to the next level, we might say. Even the name “Miinto”, Danish for frontfigure or alpha male suggests it.