Banana Pop Art Movie Posters House MD

Some while ago we wrote about Behance user Banana Pop Art, a graphic designer student who created a stir on 9gag with her logo parody, featuring Converse – Overpriced Footwear. She is now continuing her work by designing new entertaining movie posters for renowned series and films such as: House M.D., Twilight, Friends, Amelie and A Beautiful Mind.

It seems like the posters illustrate the things that represent the characters best. The House M.D. poster features a vial with pills, the painkiller Dr. House used to numb his leg pain but to which he eventually became addicted to. The eccentric Amelie displays a hand with raspberries on its fingers, one of the girl’s way of entertaining herself when she was a child. As for the Friends series, a graphic with dots and colors presents the tangles and spin-offs of the six main characters.

One may say that drawing these habits, some of them not necessarily an asset, might put the characters in a bad light. Personally, I think that the posters create a more human approach and help the viewers identify more easily with them.

Should illustrators use the same conventional way of designing film posters or should they embrace an up-to-date idea such as this one?

Banana Pop Art Movie Posters Friends TV Show

Banana Pop Art Movie Posters Amelie

Banana Pop Art Movie Posters A Beautiful Mind

Banana Pop Art Movie Posters House MD 2

Banana Pop Art Movie Posters Twillight

Posters by BananaPopArt on Behance.