Although summer might be fooling us for a few more days, autumn is already in, and with it, a new wardrobe change and inspiration for new fall outfits are inevitably popping into your mind. But since Pinterest and Tumblr are such great places to find inspiration, not only fashion-related, pinners and tumblr users have already pleasantly invaded our sight with thousands of original outfit combinations, autumn colors and pieces that are a must in this season. From leather, to Oxford shoes, sweaters, or the classic trench, we’ve gathered 10 street style outfits that you can easily pull of from your closet without too much effort. If you’re not yet in the possession of the must have items of this season, there are plenty of vintage shops from where you can complete your wardrobe at cheap prices, or if you are a fashionista who loves to keep up with the fast pace of fashion you can always get instant payday loans, especially if you’re into buying famous brands clothing.

From elegant to more trashy, check out these comfortable and cozy outfits that you can pull off easily by yourself, whether you are going for a Sunday walk, shopping or for a meeting. Plus, it’s always fun to have a little outfit revival.

Photo by atlantic-pacific from Pinterest

Zoo prints are a pattern defining this season. Either we’re talking the classic leopard or snake prints, or just birds or horsies like in this lovely number, you can wear zoo printed blouses and dresses without any problem. Of course, the classic trench completes this lovely vintage autumn look.

Autumn 2012 Street Style Fashion Looks 9

Photo from waterproofvalentines via pinterest

Loud graphics can also be worn on skirts. Here’s another zoo print item matching with a gray over sized sweater that beautifully captures the color of autumn in a geeky look.

Autumn 2012 Street Style Fashion Looks 5

Photo from musingsinfemininity via pinterest

Who said that sweaters need to be over-sized and full of quirky prints? The sweater dress is an option when you want to go for a more classic look and stay warm in the meantime.

Autumn 2012 Street Style Fashion Looks 4

Photo by vwiola on tumblr

Oxford shoes are also here to stay for this season too. Either they’re the classic black and white, or just brown you can easily come up with for a comfortable look with a simple blazer and a chunky and warm scarf.

Autumn 2012 Street Style Fashion Looks 10

Photo from creationunknown on tumblr

Red and leather are another two must-haves for the season. Either we’re talking scandalous red or a burgundy, any clothing item of this season may come in red. The short leather jacket is another hot item of this fall, and since it’s such a legendary piece you might already own one.

Autumn 2012 Street Style Fashion Looks 11

Photo from remainsimple on tumblr

Cozy knitted sweaters and caps are a must-have for when temperatures are lowering and autumn’s turning winter. Plus, an over-sized gray sweater – a color which is here to stay is a comfortable choice especially if you’re going for a bit of a sloppy style.

Autumn 2012 Street Style Fashion Looks 3

Photo from what-do-i-wear via pinterest

Floral dresses and plaid coats is a lovely combination, since both are a favorite this season. Although red and black plaid is more appreciated this fall, the combination in this picture is just lovely.

Autumn 2012 Street Style Fashion Looks 12

Photo by prettystuff on tumblr

Army or military style is still here to complete the chilly autumn days. Either we’re talking cargo pants, army prints or the simple green, this style is a classic and it’s highly probable that you might already own a piece that you can always complete with a black coat.

Autumn 2012 Street Style Fashion Looks 2

Photo by thevintageseason from tumblr from Pinterest

Long blazer coats are definitely in for this season. In neutral colors you can complete almost every outfit with them. And you can always pull of a classic casual look.

Autumn 2012 Street Style Fashion Looks 7

Photo from musingsinfemininity on tumblr

Warm and cozy sweaters match perfectly with a bohemian printed scarf, especially if the sweaters come in a single color. Long Bohemian dresses are also an item that you can pull out of the closet if you’re into this style.

We hope that this small collection of outfits has gave you at least an idea of what items are back and how you can combine them for a beautiful autumn. Just as a quote on the internet these days said “I hope that every time I pinned an outfit it automatically went to my closet”. Either you feel like that or not the good news is that this autumn some classic items are coming back in the spotlight.