Alexander Khokhlov - Halloween Beauty Look

Alexander Khokhlov, the photographer behind the Weird Beauty photo series exclusively sent us his latest fashion look for Halloween. In this little experiment the author created a bold beauty look with a self made pumpkin hat. As simple as it may seem, this summer Moscow was running out of big orange pumpkins because of the rare sunlight. So when Alexander’s friends found one huge 30 kg pumpkin on the countryside, he carved half of it, covered it in an aluminum foil inside and attached 6 flashlights with wire. And voila – a chic Halloween look was born.

The model in the series is Alexandra Romanova, the same model who wore the “Silhouette” look in the “Weird Beauty” project. The make-up artist is Anna Zakhozhaya and Alexander even provided us with a photo from backstage, with the making of the hat. Now you know which Halloween costume to try for this fall , whilst staying fashionable. Have a scary Halloween!

Alexander Khokhlov - Halloween Beauty Look - Making of

Photos used with permission of Alexander Khokhlov in exclusivity for Mole Empire.