Mole Empire in a water drop by Markus Reugels

It’s been more than two years since we’ve been gathering and presenting all kinds of art here on Mole Empire. From simple observations, to inspiring stories or to tops that entertain you, we’ve made our best to be a platform where unconventional artists and underground art meet. Later on this year we’ve started our interview series with which we try to put to expose a new kind of art and a new type of talent by telling the story of the person who creates it. Our platform keeps growing as we keep in touch with the artists we wrote about and we keep discovering new ones. It’s always fascinating to watch and see an artist we’ve written about publish a new artwork and follow their latest events and experiments. If our audience weren’t divided in so many places around the globe, we would like to meet these wonderful artists in person. But since this is not possible, we managed to find a way to put the flashlight on their talent once again.

We were wondering of the impression that Mole Empire left to the artists we collaborated with, and some of them were kind enough to dedicate their time to create an artwork specifically for our website. Markus Reugels was the first one to open Mole Empire as imagined by others, the new series which will present various artworks giving a concrete form to our website. German photographer specialized in water drop photography, Markus used his talent in macro-photography, the Mole Empire logo and the essential water drop for an original effect in which he captures the Mole Empire in different playful and captivating scenarios.

As we also interviewed Markus this summer, he also provided us with a testimonial about his impression of the website, which we expose here:

Mole Empire is a great source of inspiration. On the site there is some great inspiring category for every taste.
As for me, I prefer the Inspiring, Art and Photography categories. There are some breathtaking examples of creativity inside. Here I can find some great inspiration to influence my photography.

We are grateful and thank Markus both for his creativity, inspiration and decision to get involved in our initiative. Creating just from pure passion is an admirable choice for everyone, especially for nowadays’ artists.

What do you think of Markus’ portrayal of Mole Empire? How would you’ve imagined us?

Stay tuned for more Mole Empire as imagined by others artwork.

Mole Empire as imagined by Markus Reugels

Mole Empire by Markus Reugels

Mole Empire by Markus Reugels 3

Mole Empire by Markus Reugels 2

Photos by Markus Reugels for