The key to creativity… is a hurricane of inspiration. That is how Giada Laiso, 21 year old art student and photographer imagined Mole Empire, as part of the “Mole Empire imagined by others” series we just launched. Giada explains the idea behind the two thematic photos dedicated to our website.

Giada Laiso_The key of creativity..(for Mole Empire)

I thought about how Molempire can help artists to discover new fresh styles, and I’ve concluded that to be inspired it’s the most important thing to grow up artistically.
I tried to express this concept through my photography style. So “The key of creativity…” “…is an hurricane of inspiration”: Molempire gives us the possibility to express our art to the public and at the same time the blog is able to increase the inspiration of artists who read interviews and observe other published works. So for an artists Molempire can be part of the key and part of the hurricane.

Giada Laiso_…is an hurricane of inspiration (for Mole Empire)

Giada is also among the artists whose dreamy and mysterious photography we had the pleasure to discover in a recent interview, so she was kind enough to write a testimonial regarding our collaboration:

I thank Molempire because it gives opportunities for young artists to inspire and be inspired expressing their artistic voice showings their works. I think that artistic production is increased by the confidence and interest of people, this is what the authors gave me.

Mole Empire as imagined by others will continue with various artworks presenting our website portrayed using  artists’ specific talent.

Photos by Giada Laiso for