Percussive folk and street art combine in the new music video for the song “Urban Nature” by French artist Charly et sa Drôle de Dame. We’re used to street art being associated with hip hop or electronic music, but this time the music video combines portraits of street artists with an original approach to folk music. Mademoiselle Maurice, JBC and Suriani are the artists who let their works discovered by the music and lyrics and accompany the music by unfolding the story of the song through their art. Origami, collages, painting and above all music combine in this video. The artist himself, Charly is known for his creative approach to music videos, as he is more of a “self made” artist.

Nature Urbaine Charly et sa Drole de Dame

Mademoiselle Maurice, origami street artist who we interviewed some time ago revealed some back stage impressions about working on this collective project:

This project was a great experience with really nice people! We shared a lot of opinions and were connected about important things according to us, like relation about human and nature, that was why Charly contacted us. The caption of the images was fun and I am happy with the result created by Charly and Jeremy. I am proud of having worked with them and with JBC and Suriani!

JBC is a street artist specialized in collages with political messages and Suriani’s art manifests in the form of grafitti installations portraying hybrids, either human or animal. Check out the video and see these artists in action, accompanied by some great music.

Photo from Ufunk