Post-rock is pretty hip these days, but many people think only at Sigur Rós or God Is An Astronaut when they hear “post-rock”. So lets see a bunch of other post-rock bands that are not that famous, but that cool!

1. Maybeshewill (United Kingdom)

This is the main reason that made me write this post. A brilliant five piece band from Leicester, active since 2005, with three albums in the pocket. Their sound features lots of piano and keyboard, although their keyboard player Matthew Daly is a full member only from 2011 (the band used samples for live shows until then). However, their song “The Paris Hilton Sex Tape” from their 2006 release “Japanese Spy Transcript” does not contain any moan by Paris (youtube that, but don’t forget to include “maybeshewill” in the search field). The band tours pretty often in the UK, Europe and Asia, sometimes opening for bigger acts like God is an Astronaut. They run their own non-profit independent record label called “Robot Needs Home”.

Talking about Paris Hilton, maybe she will like them.

2. Russian Circles (U.S.A.)

A very powerful and original trio from the States, featuring a sampling/effects/looper-loving guitar player, a gay bass player and a 4/4 drummer, (where 4/4 does not stand at all for a measure, but for a 4 piece drum-kit with 4 cymbals). The term “russian circles” stands for an excruciating drill exercise used in ice hockey. So does the band actually live their band name? The Circles tour with Coheed And Cambria and Between The Buried And Me. Puck them on their Facebook page, they opened for Tool in the U. K. in 2007!

3. Yndi Halda (England)

Pronounced YIN-dee hal-DAR, the band also features a violin player, which confirms their modern classic status. Active since 2001, the band started playing live only in 2007, switching from mostly electronic instruments to acoustic ones. They played only two shows in 2012, they sell their amps on Facebook and have a great EP released in 2007. “Yndi Halda” is Old Norse (a North Germanic language) for their self-titled debut called “Enjoy Eternal Bliss”.

4. Mono (Japan)

Ok, they have over 50k likes on Facebook, but this is probably because they have a girl on bass! Playing since 1999 with the same line-up, they just released their 6th album for their parents. Mono loves Iceland, the glockenspiel, reverb, distortion and delay. They play in stereo all over the world and you can find them on their official website.

5. Tides from Nebula (Poland)

Polski zespó? post-rockowy utworzony w 2008 roku w Warszawie. This means that they are from Warsaw, formed in 2008 and they post-rock. Considered as one of the best “export goods” in Poland, the band released “Aura” in 2009 and “Earthshine” in 2011. Their latest single “Hollow Lights” was sold out in 4 hours and, of course, they use twitter and instagram, and they have no English Wiki page.

Tides on Facebook here.

Photo from Maybeshewill Facebook page.

A guest post by Michi, one of our readers.