Carla Dias, French make-up artist has got “Mole Empire under her skin”. Not literally, but figuratively of course, with this special effects make-up that she dedicated to us, as part of the “Mole Empire imagined by others” series. With the idea that what we post here on Mole Empire is so sticky that it gets and stays under your skin, Carla was driven to create this bloody and scary engraving of our name. She sent us photos with the evolution of the process itself.

Carla Dias - Mole Empire under her skin 1 (Mole Empire imagined by others)

We loved her bold idea and the way she implemented it, although, we admit it is a bit scary! In the photos you can still see the needle and the entire background seems as if taken from a horror movie.

Carla Dias is a French Make-up Artist based in Paris, with a long experience in special effects make-up and body painting. We had the pleasure to interview her and she also contributes to our “Lifestyle” category with beauty articles in which she shares her vast knowledge in the field. She also wrote a testimonial about her collaboration with Mole Empire so far:

I discovered Mole Empire from a person who is very dear to me. He knew that my curiosity will be satisfied! Indeed The Mole Empire is a real discovery! For me this is the cave of wonders, I’ve read a multitude of articles rewarding, varied and sometimes surprising in all fields. Art and fashion are my favorite! Today The Mole is part of my daily life, and I do not spend a week without browsing and chasing new articles on it. So far i have followed The Mole and it made me travel, discover, learn and laugh…

Thank you Carla for coming up with such a great idea and for contributing to our initiative!  Enjoy more of Carla’s work below.

“Mole Empire as imagined by others” will continue with various artworks presenting our website portrayed using  artists’ specific talent.

Carla Dias - Mole Empire under her skin 2 (Mole Empire imagined by others)

Carla Dias - Mole Empire under her skin 3 (Mole Empire imagined by others)

Carla Dias - Mole Empire under her skin 4 (Mole Empire imagined by others)

Photos and special effects by Carla Dias for