Tired of the irrelevant opinions of nowadays pop culture superstars, KassemG did a thing that should’ve been done long ago. And most importantly, he did it in the way it had to be done. Who cares for an insipid respectful interview with women who, after all, sell themselves as meat? The Californian comedian hosted a series of interviews with some of today’s most well known stars in the adult movie industry.

Have a look here as Asa Akira, the Female Performer of the year 2013 (AVN Awards), impresses with her sincerity and purity:

“Better be a porn actress than a rich pimp’s hoe”

Sandra Romain, Romanian porn actress specialised in anal – posting this facebook status every other week

Then Kassem is in for a surprise after he gets a kiss from this guest:

Eva seems to be a girl that likes a firm grip, as she confesses:

Dana DeArmond even lets Kassem give her a facial:

“I am just so happy and thrilled and I am so glad Mr. Hefner chose me.”

Anna Nicole Smith on being the only woman in Hugh Hefner’s life

And things couldn’t get more awkward than this:

So, does anyone else remember the lyrics to Kanye West’s “Hell of a Life” and wants to further reflect on his brilliance?

For more pornstars going deep with KassemG, check out his youtube channel.

Featured image from tumblr