Who says that women are the only ones who can be fashionable with unique and uncommon accessories that make a huge fashion statement? In fact, lots of men are becoming trendier than ever before when it comes to clothing and how they are dressing. There are so many unique accessories and styles for men to choose from now, especially if they want to set themselves apart from other guys. If you are a man looking to make a statement, you should give some of these accessories a try and update your wardrobe.

Leather Messenger Bags

Messenger Bag

Photo from spiffed-up on tumblr

It is not a purse nor should it ever be referred to as a murse. Instead, it is a leather messenger bag, and it is probably one of the one of the most stylish pieces for a guy to wear. The messenger bag is made with only the finest and softest leather available, and it can easily be personalized to your liking. There are many different colors, but messenger bags are best in brown and black leather. You will find that the messenger bag comes in handy for holding all of your important papers and accessories, including a netbook, a tablet, and your cell phone. Start carrying your things in style and simply invest in a decent messenger bag.

Stylish Suspenders


Photo from completelykasey on tumblr

Who says that suspenders can only be worn with a suit and tie? Take the plunge and start wearing stylish suspenders with just about anything that you have in your closet. In fact, a nice button down shirt would look absolutely stunning with a black pair of suspenders and some fitted black pants. You can be as bold as you want to be when it comes down to the suspenders that you wear, especially since they come in so many different colors, patterns, and styles. You will be able to find suspenders in shades of black, brown, yellow, red, green, and more. There are checked patterns, polka dot patterns, and various others. Suspenders for men are perfect for any guy who likes a bit of retro style and is looking to set himself apart from other guys and their attire.

Moccasins for Comfort

When you hear the word moccasin, you might automatically think of your father or your grandfather and the type of shoes they wear on their feet. However, moccasins have become much more modern in this day and age, and there are lots of good choices to choose from. You can get moccasins with warm fur on the inside, which is ideal for the winter, or without the fur. The crosslander moccasins have increased in popularity and have become more than just the type of footwear you would wear around the house. If you want additional comfort and style, go for a pair of moccasins and pair them with fitted jeans. Everyone will love your unique style and you will also love the fact that you can walk around in complete comfort without having to compromise your look.

There are lots of unique fashion accessories for guys to choose from. You can choose from some of these accessories or go for other unique accessories that can truly make an outfit. Different types of watches, wood sunglasses, and assorted ties are all additional accessories that you can begin wearing to spruce things up a bit.