Princess M Illustrations

And yet not a day goes by on Mole Empire without discovering a new promising artist. This time, our attention goes to Princess M, a young freelance artist based in California who creates amazingly beautiful black ink and water color illustrations. In an attempt to give human emotions a concrete form, the artist creates complex and somehow surprising illustrations for an 18-year old student. With an eye for detail she reproduces elements of portraits with colorful, abstract details who seem as taken from an urban environment.

We got in touch with Princess M, who goes by the real name Princess Mia. Inspired mostly by people, their behavior and emotions, she uses her art as a means to connect with the viewer on an emotional level. Her illustrations are an attempt to capture the human soul, to stress upon the imperfections and standards of beauty. She explains very passionately her creative vision:

My work is inspired by people, emotions, quotes, stories, surrealism, darkness, technology and pretty much that reminds me of people. Another big inspiration to me is music and psychology. I like to create my work based on what I see and what myself or others may be feeling. The goal for my art is to just make art people can relate to and have a connection with as if they were interacting with a real person. I feel like emotions, wisdom you can gain from quotes, stories, darkness and technology really makes up what a human is, how odd and complex we can be but at the same time different people find them beautiful.

Dive into Princess M’s artistic view by watching several of her creations below.

Princess M Illustrations 5

Princess M Illustrations 4

Art of Princess M Illustrations 2

Art of Princess M Illustrations 3

Art of Princess M Illustrations 5

Illustrations by Princess Mia

Princess M Illustrations 3

Art of Princess M Illustrations 4

Illustrations are courtesy of Princess M