Ever wanted to try out being a director? French Connection is making your dream come true via their innovative campaign, Make a Scene.

Created by agency 101, the Make a Scene campaign invites you to ‘make a scene’ by creating a film from a combination of pre-shot scenes with actors wearing French Connection clothes.

You can name the film, select a soundtrack and pick a special-effects theme from genres including noir and comedy.

Also, the site hosts a ‘leader board’ showing entries that have been shared the most via social media, with prizes available for the creators of the most popular content.

Escape by Linda Ghabain

A global print, online and in-store campaign will launch next month featuring shots from the clips with the most interesting titles.

Jennifer Roebuck, multi-channel marketing director at French Connection, described the activity as ‘a big step forward for [the brand] in terms of multichannel marketing’. So far, 17% of visitors of French Connection’s website have made a film since the campaign launch.

Here’s my version, voting ends on April 30th.

Escape by Linda Ghabain