What to look for in a netbook

If you are considering purchasing a netbook, then you are probably looking for something portable that you can use at a moment’s notice. With this flexibility comes some trade-offs in features and capabilities. However, here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to know what to look for in a netbook.

In exchange for portability, netbooks are smaller, less powerful, and come with fewer features than other computers. One of the most significant differences a new netbook user will notice is the screen size, which averages around seven to nine inches. If you plan on watching videos on your netbook, you should consider this notable difference. If you do wish to use your netbook for video purposes, then you will also need to consider the battery life, as well as storage space. Saving videos to your netbook uses up a large amount of your storage capacity, and netbooks do not offer built-in DVD players. So look for a netbook that has enough storage capacity to hold everything you need.

Are you away from your charger for long periods of time? Netbooks get the most battery life out of any traditional computer system. However, even within netbooks, the average battery life depends on the size of the battery. Bulkier batteries last longer, but they also make the netbook bigger and heavier. Smaller batteries allow for slimmer, more portable netbooks, but they do not last as long.

What impact does the operating system have?

Another thing that affects the everyday user quite significantly is the operating system that is used. Most netbooks do not yet support OS X entirely, so keep that in mind if you are a Mac user and perhaps consider selling your MacbookPro. Windows is run on netbooks but it is a rather expensive operating system in comparison to the netbooks that want to keep their prices low. So while it is an option, the most affordable netbooks will come with an operating system powered by Linux, which is free.

If you anticipate doing a great deal of typing on your netbook, make sure you test out different models to see which might be most comfortable for you, because netbook keyboards are smaller than those on other computers.

Depending on your computing needs, another thing you might want to look for in a netbook is the power capability0. Some netbooks offer dual-core processors, some only offer single-core. Dual-core processors will be able to perform more tasks, but ultimately cost more. Similarly, the more ram your netbook can handle, the smoother it will run. However, the maximum amount of ram that a netbook can use is less than that on other machines.

What to look for in a netbook depends entirely upon your own personal needs. If you plan on using a netbook for surfing the web, checking your email and other light tasks then a lighter, less expensive and less powerful netbook will work just fine for you. If, on the other hand, you wish to do more computer intensive jobs on a netbook, then you should consider a more powerful version.

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