The mother of all street style festivals is going on right now in Copenhagen and needless to say, it’s a blast! Celebrating club culture, upfront dance music, street life, contemporary and social art, this annual festival is taking place all over Copenhagen.

Distortion Norrebro Rooftop

The festival is five days long and promises an amazing lineup and plenty of other awesome draws. For one, the location – Distortion happens each day in a different neighborhood (5 days = 5 areas), attracting 6,000–10,000 (50,000-100,000 in the later years) people per day to events that are often mobile themselves: parades, boat parties, bus parties, street races, block parties. This year Distortion’s good vibes are taken out to the water, so the final party will be by the harbor. Staying true to the Danish standards, the festival features street parties, pop-up parties, night parties, Final Party, chill and a harbour party on the programme.

Distortion Norrebro 2013

As for the lineup, headliners include DJ Harvey, Ryan Hemsworth, Vinnie Who and many many more.

Photos by Linda Ghabain