“Beauty fades, egos don’t.”

At last! A documentary about that hidden side of modelling, the true statements that models would never reveal in front of the camera. A former model himself, Brent Huff has directed Chasing Beauty, a film about “what really happens behind the scenes in the world of fashion”, the result of 16 years of traveling with some of the world’s top models.

The movie is about people rather than fashion. There is little about the designing process or the clothes. It’s all about the designers, the fashion models and the agency owners. As the director puts it, the harsh reality is that 

Modeling can be a cut throat business that tosses out aspiring models or aging models past their prime like a pair of worn out socks. By aging, I mean anyone over 25 years old.

There is a fair amount of depth in the way the director  explores the roles of the various people in the industry. It gives us a sense of who calls the shots and the dark secrets which lie behind the glamorous facades.

Beauty is a billion dollar business and models are the face of that business. As a director I wanted to show an honest look at what it’s like to be paid for being beautiful and what is the price when it’s all taken away.

Chasing Beauty Documentary

Physical beauty can be quantified and beauty does have it’s perks. On the flip side, nobody feels empathy for these beautiful 5’11” girls who weigh on average 120 pounds. It’s human nature to want to see people fail who seem to have it all.

Or isn’t it? We can all imagine the glamorous lifestyle of the privileged ones in the fashion industry, but what do we know about the rejections, body issues, unwanted sexual advances and drug use? What is the actual price you have to pay for human perfection?