Flower Pring 2

Spring is the perfect blend of beautiful, a picturesque setting of a fresh cool breeze or a hand-picked bouquet of daisies. For those who desire trend worthy apparel, spring brings a gentle combination of soft pastels and floral print clothing that are in full swing. Floral print is one of the hottest trends to hit the runway and is easily combined with denim, solid tops or colored denim.

If you consider yourself a fashionista then you would already know that floral prints are a timeless pattern in the crazy world of fashion. It is a favorite pattern amongst celebrities and yet goes great on anyone who seeks a daring print with the ability to down play even the boldest of looks. From floral jackets, paisley print dresses or modern urban tops and denim there are many ways to enhance your wardrobe this season.

Wear Floral Print, FOUR Ways:

Floral Print 1

1. Neutral Does It

Choose a solid V-neck t-shirt with your flower child rendition of shorts or skinny jeans. Think a light chiffon or linen blouse when tucked in with a loud patterned skirt. If choosing a floral top, choose a bottom that goes with the time of day to either tone done or enhance the look.

2. Plant the Seed with Accessories

Whether you choose rose gold, copper, silver or beaded necklaces and bracelets, you can show your desire for floral in accessories, instead. Show off the trend with long layers of necklaces or stacks of bracelets or even chunky earrings. Some jewelry has floral fabric or imitation flowers if desired. You can make your own Pinterest inspired pieces that will enhance your look without spending a lot on the trend itself.

3. Heels and Flats

Have the perfect denim dress and want to add a touch of floral? Then it’s all in the shoes! Grab a funky espadrilles or a sweet pair of fancy flats, the look is complete and with a simple purchase you are oh so trendy for Springtime.

4. Carry On

Purchasing a quality floral handbag or clutch can be useful for your wardrobe any time of year. Whether you want to play it up in spring with a blazer and leggings, during summer with a relaxed fit maxi or in the winter with leather and boots, the right handbag or clutch will complete your look. Choose a print that is bold and consists of background print of grays, blues and browns that will be season neutral.

Floral Print 3

Floral prints are indeed the one of the hottest patterns right now in beauty and fashion. Most of all, they represent the abundance and warmth that the season has to offer and what better way to welcome Spring, than to highlight your wardrobe with floral patterns.

A guest post by HealthBeautyLife.com.