Strangers is a new series by French self-taught photographer Julie de Waroquier. We’ve already been acquainted with her surreal photography in a previous interview, but this time the artist focuses on the relationship between two beings that don’t know each other, using humans and animals as symbols for her ideas. Here’s how Julie explains her idea behind the series:

The animals and the humans in this series are thus between confidence and suspicion, between curiosity and fear. Some of the animals seem threatening, other seem rather friendly. I photograph them in the animals’ natural environment, and I try to photograph what it deeply is to experience the first contact with someone else, with someone truly different. I want to create stories that intertwine wildlife nature and human imagination.

Check out the series below:

Julie de Waroquier 01Dances with wolves

Julie de Waroquier 02First contact

Julie de Waroquier 03The approach

Julie de Waroquier 04Eagles' murmur

Julie de Waroquier 05Embrace

Julie de Waroquier 06Into the wild

Julie de Waroquier 07The eye of the panther

Julie de Waroquier 08Protection

Julie de Waroquier 09Integration

Julie de Waroquier 010Safe

Photos by Julie de Waroquier