Kelly Boyle‘s art is driven by spontaneity and emotion, being a mixture of mosaic shapes and vitral -like illustrations, all combined harmoniously in a colorful complex explosion of colors. Her artwork stands as a representation of her own self, her view on the world and how she fits into the law of nature, being also an escape from every day life situations. Her artistic purpose is to capture the essence of the moment, and for this, she experiments with colors, changing patterns or shapes. Oscillating between balance and contrast, and without any planning, even the surroundings in which the artist draws show originality.

As an artist I am free to create my own life force. Crafting unplanned drawings using ballpoint pens, they capture the essence of the moment in its truest form. I draw in all situations but happiest when at gigs, generally in a meditative state, each pen stroke produced in time with the beat.

Her drawings feature multiple pairs of eyes, giving the impression that her characters are somehow absorbed between colors, line, and shapes. Kelly finds inspiration in nature, graffiti, fantasy art, symbolism, manga, tribal art and street art.

The eyes are the soul of my work; they give it life, enabling me to passionately connect with each piece. The emotion of the faces represents my emotion at the time they’re created.

I believe that everything we see, feel or have around is balanced by contrast. There are multiple contrasting factors in my work, whether it is colors, patterns or shapes. My basic artistic concept is always to achieve balance over perfection.

Enjoy more of her works below.

1 Kelly Boyle Now is the time

2 Kelly Boyle Live Love Learn

3 Kelly Boyle Believe in you

4 Kelly Boyle Run in Hope

Illustrations by Kelly Boyle