Fall is the time of year in which fashion-forward men start to reevaluate their style. The hot days of summer can cause even the most stylish men to throw their cares away and simply go for comfort over aesthetics, which is perfectly understandable. In the fall, however, you have the opportunity to dress both stylishly and functionally; one of the reasons why fall is considered by many to be the most fashionable season of the year.

Elevating your fashion sense to another level this fall is easier than it sounds, especially if you take the time to make some changes to your typical routine.

1. Change Your Color Scheme

Tweed Suit Fall Fashion for Men

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Summer is all about bright, breezy colors, which simply don’t work in the fall. Once the weather starts to cool down, your hues should shift and become a bit darker and more muted. Oranges, greens and browns can all be effective, especially when incorporated in conjunction with one another. Try to think of the colors of changing leaves, all of which can be excellent additions to any fall wardrobe.

2. Go With Flannel

Fall Fashion For Men Flannel

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If there’s any material that has been making a comeback in recent years, it’s flannel. Flannel is warm, comfortable and attractive, making it perfect for anyone who wants to look good and stay warm as the chilly weather approaches. Vintage flannel is your best bet; just be sure the thrift store you shop at is reputable and takes care in choosing their items with discrimination.

3. Change Your Tie Routine

Fall Fashion for men Tweed Suit and Tie

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For those who work in the professional sector, wearing ties is practically a year-round affair. This being said, you should always try to switch things up seasonally. Start with colors, but also consider the print. Printed ties come in many different varieties, some of which are more suited to fall than others. Checks can be very attractive in the fall, and can replace argyle and other patterns that are more popular during the warmer months of the year.

4. Don’t Forget Leather

Men's Fashion Leather Jacket Fall 2013

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Not everyone can pull of a leather jacket, but those who can know that it’s one of the most effective pieces a man can own. There’s no better time for leather than the fall, and if you’ve never tried to embrace this style, you might want to g ive it a shot. Go with a modern cut, and always remember how important color can be in this scenario. If you wear a lot of black, stick to that; go with a dark tan or brown otherwise.

5. Suit Up With Tweed

Fall Fashion for men Tweed Suit

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Choosing a suit for each season can be more difficult than most people realize. Tweed, however, is the perfect material for fall, and can be extremely attractive when pulled off properly. When choosing a tweed suit, be sure to work with a reputable tailor to ensure that you’re getting a piece that will fit you perfectly. A poorly-fitted tweed suit, after all, can be extremely unattractive.

With these tips on your side, you’ll be ready for fall and all the style it can bring to the table.