Men Dapper Skin

Photo from charliefernandez on tumblr

Looking dapper in 2013 doesn’t just imply dressing right and wearing the most scintillating scent. It also requires that your skin stays in the best of shape (yes, skincare isn’t only for females).

While it may seem like a bothersome task, a little bit of effort can go a long way in adding that extra bit of charm.

This is however not to say that you should stock up the bath intimidating creams that may cause more harm than good. But it is recommended that you invest time and money in things that promote a sharp and youthful skin.

Some dapper skincare essentials include:


Not only can the UV rays of the sun damage the complexion of the skin, but they can also lead to sunburns and skin cancer. Tanning does filter out some of the UV rays, but the prevention is quite minimal.

Therefore it is important that you don’t leave the house during the day without applying sunscreen. A good sunscreen usually offers SPF 30 level protection or higher. Apply it about half an hour before leaving and you’ll be surprised to see how less weather beaten the skin looks at the end of the day.

Hair Wax

Hair removal wax for men can be used to get rid of excessive body and facial hair (you don’t want to feel like sandpaper). The process also offers numerous benefits over simple shaving because the hairs are removed from their roots.

Moreover, shaving can lead to stubble if the skin is sensitive, which can become a major barrier in achieving that dapper touch. The best wax solution ideally will be the one that is free of toxic chemicals, contains safe ingredients and promotes a natural lifestyle for men and women.


Cleansing the skin is important with the help of a good cleansing agent. Soaps can make the skin dry. Rona Berg writes in her book titled Beauty that soaps should only be applied below the neck in the first place.

A good cleanser will also help in exfoliating the skin and reducing the dead tissues and cells beneath it. Male skin also looks more youthful than women’s after exfoliation because they tend to shave (promotes exfoliation) several days in a week.


Moisturizer is a key ingredient to good skincare as it helps in keeping the skin smooth and also helps prevents wrinkles. There are different options available depending on the skin type and the season.

You can go with a waster based moisturizer if it’s still hot in your area or go with an abrasive one if fall has taken over. The requirement is quite simple as the application is only required once during the day and once during the night.

Argan Oil

Argan oil has some very special properties that make it beneficial for your skin. If you are reaching a mature age or are already there, this oil may perhaps be a blessing in disguise.

It helps in keeping the tone of the skin even and significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The oil is affordable and is easy available at local department stores and supermarkets. Furthermore, it is applicable on the whole body, unlike other options that are exclusively meant for the face.

At the end of the day, remember that skincare doesn’t need to be bank-breaking–even simple additions can work wonders for you.

What is your regime? Or do you think skincare is only for the ladies?