Most of us don’t have the luxury of a walk in wardrobe that is big enough for our entire clothes collection for the year round. Even if we were, having everything available all the time isn’t the most efficient way to work things. It is a good idea as seasons change to de-clutter your wardrobe to help focus your space and your mind on the clothes that you will definitely need over the next six months. This also helps you to spot the gaps in your collection that you might like to fill.

Wardrobe for Autumn Tips and Tricks

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What’s hot and what’s not

Of course as summer ends it’s time to say goodbye to some of those super summery and lightweight pieces that just don’t work as the weather cools. If you have lived through the summer with oodles of vest tops then some of these can be set aside for summer next year as you won’t need many of those in winter. Keep a few neutral ones to wear under blouses or as an extra layer when it is super chilly but pack the rest away. Sadly your bright pink linen cropped trousers or similar are just not going to cut the mustard for winter so this kind of clothing should be packed away too. Your Capri cropped trousers in black or beige though will still be handy through autumn so they keep their spot in your wardrobe. Basically the job here is to go through each item and, if it can’t work as part of an autumn or winter outfit, then it just needs packing away. Try thinking outside the box a little though as something which on first look is very summery might work with layers. Your tea dress for example might look great with thick tights and cardigan.

Out of sight not out of mind

Once you have been through your summer wardrobe with a fine tooth comb it’s time to pack the pieces unsuitable for winter away. This is where you should take some care because the last thing you want is to dig them out in six months’ time only to find that they’re ruined by bad storage or even worse, moths.

It is best to store in a container that is well sealed to avoid any damp getting in or moths. If you have had a moth problem before then invest in natural moth repellents such as cedar wood blocks. Iron and fold each item carefully before packing, don’t be tempted to just shove them in just to get the job done.

If you have summer hats that you’re storing then pack the crown with acid free tissue paper or even socks similar and pack them into a big box that will allow them enough room without crushing them. The same is true of your pretty summer shoes, stuff them and then store in a sealed in container.

Be ruthless

There is going to be some items that were great this summer but they’re stained, damaged or just not you anymore. Don’t waste time and space storing these items. Be ruthless and get rid. If they’re suitable give them to the charity shop, if not then recycle them.

Mind the gaps

This is the fun bit. Once you have thinned out your summer clothes and are left with those clothes that are suitable for autumn and winter you can see where you have gaps that you can fill. It could be that you need more knits for the season, particularly if last year’s weren’t stored well! While you have packed away your vests and cami tops, you might need to invest in some blouses and long sleeved tops to take you through the next season.

Even better, now is the time that you can also think about which key on trend pieces for the season you might like to add to your look. Even if you don’t want to invest in clothing you can add to your accessories with scarves, belts or jewelry that reflect the hot colors and prints of the season to keep your look up to date.