CAVEA Light Installation 2

Cavea Ephemeral is a cool installation created by a team of designers for the Sensorium Gran Gala of Surrealism on the main beach of Cadaques, in the north of Cataluña. Home to artists like Dalí and Federico García Lorca, this town hosts every year an event which brings together art, music and literature. A team of six designers agreed to put their talents together and create an original installation. Dani Llugany, Pau AlekumsalaamAlexandra RequesensPol TriasEva Vera and Octavi Serra gathered up their creative minds into what they named as “Cavea”, an installation on the shore of the beach, which blends perfectly into the nature of the area.

CAVEA Light Installation 1

Described as a sensorial, dreamy experience, Cavea is composed of two elements: light and color which translated into night and day without a visible change. Dani Llugany, one of the designers who worked on the installation describes how the beach of Cadaques was changed through their work:

We always have in mind the days before of the inauguration as it is part of the project itself. That’s the main reason why we decided to set up a visual blog. We like to share the evolution and progress that involves going from an idea to a tangible staging of the exhibits.

While Cavea project was being produced we were hosted in the village of Cadaqués for a week, working intensely as multitaskers. The toughest part that I remember is breaking stones at 4 a.m in the morning, digging holes in the beach, and spending more than 30 hours doing the same. At that point you realize that this is the kind of work you do for yourself. That the satisfaction that you get in the end is something which cannot be taken away from you, and this is -above all- awesome.

Being able to have have had a memorable experience and that has greatly surprised oneself is the most powerful part of a project.

By this I’m not saying that it is awesome to spend two consecutive days breaking stone-in fact your back and hands end up hurting like hell- but, apart from that, when you see that things are working out, then you really feel you are achieving what you wanted.

Enjoy more photos of the installation below and a making of video.

CAVEA Light Installation 4

CAVEA Light Installation 3

CAVEA Light Installation 6

CAVEA Light Installation 7

CAVEA Light Installation 8

CAVEA Light Installation 9

CAVEA Light Installation 14

CAVEA Light Installation 13

CAVEA Light Installation 12

CAVEA Light Installation 11

CAVEA Light Installation 10

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