Dario Mekler is a graphic designer and illustrator from Argentina. Using colors to attract the viewer in an aesthetically pleasant way, his works ironizes modern living, with a subtle note of pessimism. With tribal elements, his images have a somehow futuristic aspect, a colorful world where the viewer is invited to reflect for a moment at the subtlety of the hidden message. Here’s how Dario describes the intent of his work:

The greater part of my work, the images I produce through traditional media are reflections of a constant philosophical questioning of the world we live in: modernity and the systems to which we are binded. The things we do every day and accept as the only possible way of doing them. Of course these are not explicitly dark images, they are pretty colorful and somehow humorous in an ironic way. There is a dark pessimism in them, but I always look for it to be subtle, like an after thought.

Get a glimple of the artist’s world with some of the images below.
Huitzilopochtli, un cuento americano by Dario Mekler

Chores of a common man Dario Mekler

Traffic Regulations by Darío Mekler

Dario Mekler Gravitational fields 1

Dario Mekler provocation (aviary)

Dario Mekler 1 Cravings of the Critic

Dario Mekler 2 The principle of stagnation

Dario Mekler 3 The Toilette Trio

Dario Mekler Altered polarities1

Dario Mekler Annoying neighbors1

Dario Mekler El corazon de las tinieblas (Joseph Conrad)

Dario Mekler Ode to the Dead Kings

Dario Mekler Termodinámica 001

Dario Mekler The maze

Dario Mekler The Throat of Faith

Dario Mekler Triumph of Vanguardism

Dario Mekler Termodinámica 001Photos are courtesy of Dario Mekler