If you’re looking for a piece of jewellery that will pull together any look, whether you’re at work, at a formal function or relaxing on your days off, and remain useful throughout your lifetime, then you may want to consider investing in a watch. A watch is more than a piece of jewellery. It is an intricate piece of mechanics and you will treasure it for years to come. Watches make wonderful anniversary presents, so make sure you drop plenty of specific hints if you want your partner to take you watch shopping.

Women's Watch

The Display

When choosing a watch, consider what you want from the display. Traditional analogue displays are ‘timeless’ and never go out of fashion. Digital displays are more contemporary and usually found on sports watches. If your lifestyle includes plenty of sporting activities, it’s wise to go with a watch that can be worn when you’re training. Sports watches often have large, easy to read numerals and other functions including timers and water resistance. Watches with analogue displays tend to be more expensive as they have more complex mechanisms and are often hand built. Digital watches tend to be smaller, lighter, and more budget friendly.

The Watch Strap

Metal watch straps are more hardwearing and shouldn’t need to be replaced during your watch’s lifespan. They are available in a variety of colours, including the currently popular rose gold or bicoloured options. Make sure that you match the colour of your metal watch strap to the jewellery that you already wear in order to attain a cohesive look. Leather and fabric straps can also look wonderful, but bear in mind that they will probably need to be replaced at some point.

Shopping for a Watch

Before you start browsing, ensure that you set a budget. Watches vary hugely in terms of price, with big names like Tag Heuer often costing much more than designer offerings from Gucci or Marc Jacobs. Keep your budget in mind at all times, and ask the sales assistant to only show you watches within that price range. Avoid staff who are working on commission, as they will be less concerned about you getting the watch that suits your individual requirements, and more interested in making a sale. Always try on watches that you’re interested in in-store, as you’ll be able to see whether they look and feel right on your wrist.

Photo by april-look on tumblr