Cooking real food

It’s safe to say that we’ve moved on massively in our appreciation of good food. Certainly in the United Kingdom, most average families have rejected the instant food culture of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and are moving towards a general embracing of the benefits of real food. But not everybody is on board. In fact, some families still cling to a few worn out excuses for not cooking proper meals. This post will slam those excuses and show just how easy making real food is.

I Can’t Cook

Chef Gusteau’s famous motto of “Anyone can cook” in the Pixar film Ratatouille is not far from the truth. Yes, some people may have a natural aversion to cooking. Some may actively avoid it. But to claim that you simply have no ability to cook a fresh meal is not true. Certainly with the widespread availability of free online recipes ranging from basic to advanced, anyone and everyone has a huge culinary repertoire at their fingertips. If you’re put off by more advanced dishes, there are thousands of basic recipes that you and your family can sink your teeth into. Simple pasta with homemade tomato sauce, Chilli con carne, curries, soups, salads and countless cuisines from the around the world can be executed with little or no experience. Sure, they may take you awhile to perfect; but that in itself is one of the joys of cooking.

My Kitchen Isn’t Equipped For Cooking

Plenty of the world’s great dishes can be made using a single one-ring burner. Travel to the coast of Spain and you’ll not find a team of chefs labouring across several hobs in order to create the perfect paella. More likely, you’ll find a solitary guy or girl, calmly stirring a single pan. The lesson learned here? Good food has been created using the basics for hundreds of years. You don’t need the latest equipment. A few utensils, a saucepan, frying pan and a good quality oven tray from Viners Cook & Dine is all you require.

Get Real

Undoubtedly, our love of real food made from real ingredients has burgeoned in the past decade. Nonetheless, there will always be those who offer the same excuses for not attempting some home-cooked delights. But that’s all they are; excuses. For good food is easy and accessible to anyone who has as much as a single ring camping stove. So go on; be a real person.

Photo from hardcore-food on tumblr