According to research body MarketLine, the global home-improvement market is expected to grow at a yearly rate of 2.5% between now and 2015. With this in mind, the predicted market value in 2015 will have reached a staggering $678 billion, with the cost of building materials and labour accounting for the vast majority of this capital.

Prosperous economies such as the UK will play a pivotal role in this international growth, as their own expansion is being driven by considerable consumer borrowing and spending. As British consumers have a more positive perception of the economy and greater levels of disposable income, they are far more likely to spend more in the pursuit of their ideal home.

Strip lighting in Gardens

3 Applications for Strip Lighting in your Home

If you are looking to remodel and restructure your property, your use of lighting will be particularly important. This can have a huge impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home, with strip lighting a particularly versatile product for creating multi-functional rooms. Consider the following applications for strip-lighting in the modern home:

1. LED Lighting in the Bedroom

The bedroom is your sanctuary, and it may well be the only private living space that you have anywhere within the home. This is why LED strip lighting can be such a wise addition to your bedroom, as it creates beautiful and multifarious streams of light that strike the ideal balance between illuminating the space and overpowering it. Strip lighting is also compact and flexible in its design, meaning that it can also be applied to adorn areas such as the headboard of your bed and even the inside edging around your wardrobe. Above all else, strip lighting can help you to customise your space and create a genuinely relaxing environment.

2. Outdoor Strip Lighting for the Garden

The summer time is nearly upon us, and so is the time for evening barbecues and outdoor parties. External entertaining requires a suitable amount of lighting, however, which enables people to move safely and minimises any health and safety risks. Strip lighting is ideal for this purpose as it can illuminate the edges of your patio and paths while also creating a scenic area that can be used throughout the day. You can look to imbed some strip lights into the soiled areas within your garden as a way of illuminating plants and particularly beautiful flowers, so visit the BrightLightz website to peruse a suitable range.

3. Creatively Illuminate your Bathroom Space

While it is not necessarily the most popular concept, using strip lighting in your bathroom is arguably the most purposeful application of these fittings. Bathroom mirrors, wash basins and wall units can all benefit from the installation of strip lights, as these fittings provide subtle yet functional sources of illumination that can transform the space at your disposal. In terms of contemporary trends, blue LED strip lights have become exceptionally popular in recent times, especially in bathrooms where they create the impression of a clean and sterile environment.

Photo from foreverfuchsia on tumblr