Throughout the ages, different rooms have served as the heart-beat of homes throughout the UK. In recent times, the kitchen has emerged as the leading priority among home-owners and evolved into a multi-purpose space suitable for both practical and social functions. So rather than simply being an area in which food is prepared, cooked and consumed, the contemporary kitchen is ideal for hosting both impromptu gatherings and more formal dinner parties. The result of this is that there are a number of popular design trends accessible to home-owners in 2014, and choosing which ones to follow can be a challenging process.

The Heart-beat of the Modern Home

3 Top Design Trends for 2014

With this in mind, what are the most popular trends for kitchen design in 2014? Consider the following:

1. Subtle and Creatively Placed Lighting

The gradual evolution of lighting has had a hugely positive impact on kitchen design trends, as fifth generation LED fittings now come in a host of innovative shapes and sizes. This has enabled home-owners to invest in subtle and soft shades of light that can be creatively placed throughout the kitchen. Take strip and plinth lighting, for example, which operate like spotlights and illuminate alternative areas of the kitchen depending on your precise needs. These fittings can even be placed into wall units if required, and their application can help you to reduce energy consumption and costs over time.

2. The Use of Multi-purpose Appliances

While appliances are crucial if your kitchen is to remain functional, the types of products used in 2014 have evolved considerable in terms of design and applications. More specifically, consumers can now access multi-purpose appliances which help them to save space and also reduce the energy that they consumer on an annual basis. These appliances have become particularly popular among new-build home owners, as combined fridge-freezers and washer-dryers offer them an opportunity to maximise the minimal space at their disposal. If you want to peruse a wide range of multi-purpose and contemporary appliances, visit the Better Kitchens website at you.

3. The Integration of Technology into Appliances

On a similar note, today’s appliances are also extremely advanced and in some instances fully integrated with technology. Many of the larger fridge-freezer products that are currently available have built-in computer software, for example, while others have touch screen capacity which enables home-owners to easily regulate temperature. These features are likely to become more pronounced over time, which means that future appliances may ultimately serve as additional personal computers within the home.

Photo from b3autyl0ver on tumblr