There are many times when you want to show the wild animal that lives inside of you. It may be when you’re posing for one of those hot Nashville photographers, or just when you want to party in a club. Every girl has those crazy moments when she wants to look hot, confident and loud. She searches for leopard, zebra and snake prints, she wears red lipstick and does the ‘smokey’ eyes make up.

There are such days, when you want to let it all out. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a bad girl that wants to do bad stuff. It is only how you want to express yourself, through little wild and aggressive vibes. Being a flower child and wearing some tiger printed dresses is possible. Why not?

The animal print tendency started back in the 18th Century, when Europeans began colonizing Asia and Africa. Now it sounds reckless, but let’s face it, we’re still dressing up in different animal skins. It is still happening. So back then in the 18th Century, Europeans were bringing home the skins of the leopards, tigers and other poor animals. And now the extra exotic patterns are reproduced on textiles on a regular basis. That’s a whole industry.

Starting with the Kardashians ending up the classy ladies of the 60’s, everyone has that leopard print moment. Those who are not that risky to wear a whole animal printed outfit, are trying to hit small spots with different accessories.

The animal prints are really loud and when the choice goes a little in the wrong direction, it may look like a huge fail. That’s why it is always a great idea to read some fashion blogs or magazines. Try to find some tips on how to combine the leopard, tiger or zebra thing with other colors, shoes, bags and jewelry. You have to let the little wild cat out, but do not make it too extravagant. When choosing an animal print on your outfit, you have to face one of the two destinations, the first, which is absolutely chic and the second, which leads to a disastrous look. So, be careful. The animal print can make you elegant or vulgar within a second.

Photo source: Mark Delong Photography