With all the trends coming and going every season, it can be overwhelming to find the accessories that are sure to take you from season to season seamlessly. That being said, there are a few accessories with which you can’t go wrong, whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall. Want to know where to get started? Here’s a basic list to help you out.

Custom Pearls

Tailored Jacket

Whether you’re facing blustery weather outside or your office’s blasting AC, a tailored jacket is a must have accessory that will take you from January to December looking flawless and fashionable. Make sure to get a jacket that fits, and you get bonus points if the sleeves look as good with a cuff as they do without one. You’ll find that this jacket looks amazing with your jeans and your suit separates, so be sure to wear it as often as you can.

Pearl Jewelry

While pearls used to be saved for your Sunday best, the pearl fashions of today are more youthful and less traditional than of late. That being said, a strand of pearls elevates every outfit, and makes the wearer feel like she can conquer the world – which she absolutely can! Can’t find pearl jewelry you love? There are tons of jewelers out there that can create custom pearl jewelry for you.

Leather Belt

If you wear jeans or pants that have belt loops, you’re missing out if you don’t wear a belt with your outfit. A belt makes you look tailored and put together, even if it’s more for fashion than for function. It’s always best to go with a classic leather belt, and while you can get a buckle that shows off your personal style, make sure it’s not too trendy so you can wear it for seasons to come.

Tote Handbag

Every woman needs the perfect handbag to carry around her essentials, and with the trends changing so frequently from season to season; it can be stressful to be able to afford that “in” handbag every time you see one you love in a store window. To cut back on unnecessary spending and to maximize your belongings, get a tote bag with a classic design that can take you from outfit to outfit and season to season seamlessly.


While you might not think of a scarf as the perfect summer accessory, trust us – it is. From wearing it as a funky headband to wrapping it around your shoulders on chilly nights, a scarf is just as necessary in the warmer months as it is during the colder weather. A lightweight but durable scarf with a versatile pattern is best. Trust us – you won’t know how you ever lived without one.

With this list of must-have accessories, you’ll never be lacking with items to wear with your go-to outfits. Choose brands you love and trust, and once you’ve built up your accessory collection – wear them often!

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