Deniz Okan is a fashion photographer based in Turkey. He enjoys creating novelistic characters and giving the souls of these unusual atmospheres to his models by choosing a story. Instead of capturing daily life’s usual moments, the photographer dreams of stories and then brings them to life. We’re featuring two of his photo series: Visible souls of a day and Pin Up girl. The first series is a dreamy and surreal capturing of a girl in a fairy tale like scene. For the second project, the artist researched old fashion trends that inspire today’s fashion and recreated a pin up girl in an attempt to make the viewers travel into a flashy world of colors. Enjoy some selections of the photographer’s works below.

Visible Souls of a Day

Deniz Okan Photography_1

Deniz Okan Photography_2

Deniz Okan Photography_3

Deniz Okan Photography_4

Pin Up Girl

Pin-up Girl by Deniz Okan 1

Pin-up Girl by Deniz Okan 2
Pin-up Girl by Deniz Okan 3
Pin-up Girl by Deniz Okan 4
Pin-up Girl by Deniz Okan 5
Pin-up Girl by Deniz Okan 6

Photos are courtesy of Deniz Okan

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