Art is natural to our life and ways as a human being. We begin creating our own works of art when we begin to crawl and get into our mother’s makeup. This simple trait that is native to us from birth has unbelievable power. Through art, we have the ability to reflect, help others feel what we feel, or vice versa, feel what they feel and to understand molding morals and values as well as forming new ones.

The visual and audible blessing that is art is everywhere all around us all the time. It’s not a question whether it is or it isn’t, it’s more of asking yourself if you are aware of it and way it is shaping, molding and impacting your life and the lives of everyone around you everyday.

Art can be described in many ways such as intelligence having fun, a creative outlet or even a source of energy. How many times have you looked at a beautiful work of art and you are overwhelmed by emotions? Have you seen the blotches and colors used in an abstract work and felt the artists anger and frustration? You have heard music and you feel energized, sad or enlightened. Emotions are energies and art, being an impactful source of emotional energy, has the power to determine your entire mood, if you let it, which will determine your thoughts and how your day will progress.

If you have a message and want to get it across, there is generally no better way to do that than through art. The reason why is because art is contagious and we relate to art as it is central to our makeup. Music is perhaps the best example of this. Through music and other forms of art, awareness on a particular matter important to us makes a global sweep in a few weeks or less now thanks to social media. Remember the old saying, “A picture is worth 1000 words.” If there is a concern you believe the world needs to know about, putting it in an art form will draw attention to that issue.

In conclusion, with the evidence that art in whatever form has power in its core and that powerful trait we are all born with, whether it is exercised or left unpracticed, exists in you, then there is no doubt that you have the power to change the world. As Gandi said, “Be the change you want to see,” and what more effective way have we seen that done than through the art that has unknowingly to us shaped our lives and the world we live in?

-About The Author-

Dana Sibilsky has always had an art passion. When she isn’t investing her time into her family, she is searching for and creating works of art to inspire others.