Casual Fridays

Taking into consideration that you are a working man or woman, and are set up in an establishment with policies from the way you interact to what you wear, there would be many unwritten rules spoken off, when it comes to Friday dressing. Today, we would like to speak of five of them, because disasters may happen anytime and we do not wish that you become a victim of fashion OMG’s! Take a look at the five dos and donts when it comes to Friday dressing for work and still be the boss’s pet – here’s the scoop.

1. Smart casuals mean smart casuals

Just because it is Friday, we wouldn’t want to be caught as a walking-talking Christmas tree at work, unless of course you have a theme day to observe. Since it isn’t Halloween anytime soon and Fridays mean work, work and more work- keep the over-the-top blingy clothing in the closet for Saturday disco nights at the bar, and think of solid colours for the day ahead.

2. Keep it relaxed and comfortable

Wonderful to watch our celebs sporting the off-work look at bars and pubs, conferences and meets, and sometimes on the tinsel screen too- would the same go down well in the boss’s eye when you flaunt the style at work? Tight hugging skirts and shirts, trousers and leggings for Friday aren’t acceptable. Fashion is about creating a statement and a look of your own, and it has to be versatile. Sticking to something comfortable yet chic, with a press of the crease for a touch of sophistication, should be the aim to achieve.

3. Should you wear denims!

Most casual Friday dressers opt for a top or tee with dark denims and sneakers, and head out to work. Hold it right there, and before you make it a fashion disaster, consider Friday to be the date evening of your life. Would you dress up nonchalantly for the dream date you have always desired to have? Just a pair of denims and a tee wouldn’t do, but pairing it with a nice summer coat or a tie and sleek shiny shoes for the feet or statement accessories for the neck, makes you look so ‘corporatish’! Do visit and get your hands on some classiest of fashion looks for men. To sweeten your deal, you should make use of Kohls coupons or promo codes, which has quite a few 2015 fashion statements to rock in for work on Fridays. So, what you waiting for? Save and shop for the best corporate clothing and accessories right away!

4. No animal prints at work

While Google the software and search-engine giant may have had goats to mow their lawns and dogs at work to keep company, most corporate establishments wouldn’t – but who is talking about the four-legged friends? When we say no animals around, we mean staying far away from ostentatious animal prints on your Friday clothing. Keep them best for the girl’s night out or the beach parties- let them not ruin your day with snide remarks pouring in.

5. No rags, holes and rips

You aren’t a teeny-bopper at work, and one must dress their age to suit the sophisticated work atmosphere around as well. Wearing ripped and torn jeans therefore is best left for the bohemian parties you’ve been invited to over the weekend. Never wear them at work, or else the wrong signals would be sent out. And moreover, it speaks a lot about your grooming sense for the venue too!

6. Leggings and tights are best distanced from

Most often we see men and women in muggings, leggings and tights on casual Fridays heading straight to their workstations from the work-gyms. We wait for an hour or two; maybe they have an important email to send. They still don’t leave the workstation to go and change. Are they here for work or is this a private gym workout zone, unannounced. A fashion disaster it is, especially if the legs are too beefy and bulky- cause for eyesores around. You cannot have them worn to work, no matter which day of the week it is- period!

7. Shiny bling

When we mentioned statement accessories for men and women in one of the points above, we should have mentioned not to be the glittering warlock or wizard around. Friday casual dressing can have a little bling but not too much- you don’t want to be the reason why people are distracted? Oxidized and minimal jewellery or even beaded jewellery with trendy touches are okay to wear- too much gold and silver is a no-no!
We hope you now have a clue of what to dress up like this Friday.

Photo from tumblr