Want to know the secret of a perfect summer? It lies in a little box and comes in many shades. I guess it’s pointless to prolong this little trivia, because we all know the answer. The unmistakable leader of the accessories pack during summer in a pair of cool sunglasses.

Have you walked on a beach and just admire the scenery?  Of course you did! Now pay attention and see how the first person that catches your eye surely wears a pair of sunglasses. I don’t know if it’s scientifically provable, but I can bet you that on any experiment we’d conduct, we’ll end up with the same result: sunglasses make you more appealing… the right pair of sunglasses. Because all though trends are changing not all of us are lucky enough to be able to pull off all these new fashionable styles. That’s why we should know the basics. Learn which are the sunglasses that never fall out of fashion, try them and see what style suits you best.


These thin, reflective glasses were originally made by Bausch & Lomb. This design is now marked as Ray Ban Aviators, although it is now produced by many manufacturers at a variety of prices and alterations. Usually they have metal frames and the lenses are convex, not flat, they cover the entire range of the human eye and protect your sight from light. You can find cheap designer glasses at Eyeweardock.com online or simply go to your favorite brand store and search for these perfect Top Gun sunglasses that add a bit of mystery to your appearance. And as any other pair of glasses it will fit perfectly in all your summer photos.

Aviator sunglasses


These retro looking glasses gained much popularity these past few years. At their time of appearance the wayfarers were a huge breakthrough and provided an alternative to the metal framed glasses. The original design had a slightly trapezoidal shape, very distinctive at the time. You can surely remember the photo of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she rocked this sunglasses style which really complimented her figure (not that she needed it).  The new design of wayfarer are your typical square, colorful, plastic sunglasses worn with pride at summer festivals and gives you this slightly hipster-ish  look that’s been so popular.

Wayfarer sunglasses


Now this style is a true fashion statement. If you can find a oversize design that suits you, you are in luck. These glasses have been known to bring a sophisticated touch and they are the top picks in all fashion shows. So don’t be afraid to pamper your summer with an appearance to be remembered. The top two designs in the oversize section are the butterfly and the cat-eye. Try them while sipping a cocktail near a sunny pool and you’ll feel like a superstar in vacation.

Oversized sunglasses

You can always find the perfect pair of sunglasses for a fashionable summer. But don’t forget how cool eyeglasses are in general. They can become you favorite accessory since no necklace, watch or earnings can make you look smarter, cooler and trendier.  Well, glasses can do just that. Take a look at these Thalia eyeglasses and I’m sure you can find a design that rocks your boat. You can find glasses and sunglasses at reasonable prices and enjoy worldwide shipping, so there’s no reason why you should not buy yourself a pair that will fit your style and photos perfectly.

Enjoy your summer!