Hidden under the pretenses of a movie set called Grey Fox, which even had a Imdb page, the Dismaland is the new internet sensation.

Constructed by the controversial artist Banksy inside an old swimming resort from Weston-super-Mare, this so called “bemusement park” is a sort of an post-riot Disneyland. Here Grim Ripper spins the wheel of a bumper car, Cinderella’s crashed her pumpkin carriage mirroring Lady Diana’s death and a shimmery Ariel is guarding a shadowy castle.

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It’s safe to say it probably isn’t the happiest place on earth, but it will sure attract a hand-full of visitors.

It’s Banksy’s second large exhibition and it comprises artworks for over 50 artists from 17 countries. Today, August 21 it’s officially opened for public, the tickets are sold on site or with a reservation until 27 September. The 4000 tickets available per day are expected to sell-out fast, bringing the artists quite a big profit.

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Banksy gained reputation through his graffitis that not only portray humankind’s faults but often have political implications. While his identity still remains unknown. With thorough preparations and a well adjusted lie, this show was kept away from curious eyes. The entire display insults Disneyland and adds corporate injury in both subtle and obvious ways. Jeff Gillette, one of the artists present in this exhibition created pieces that put side by side Disney characters and junkyards. Moreover, at the entrance of Dismaland there’s a banner that prohibits the entering of lawyers along with spray paint, marker pens and knives.

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But it’s not all about Disney, across the seaside exhibition there are pieces from artists like Sami Musa and Amir Schiby that expose the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And even Banksy himself has a new work on display where visitors can see boats of emigrants floating among dead bodies.

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It’s harsh and exciting at the same time. It’s an artistic exposure of painful truths.  But besides these highly-expressive artworks, inside the park visitors can find rides, games they can play and unexpected performances which happen every day. Although there are a lot of thing you’ll encounter here, don’t expect pleasant employees. There is a staff on site but they all seem grumpy are really not in the mood to help you. It comes great with the general feel of Dismaland.

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So if you’re planning a trip to the UK by any chance, don’t miss the opportunity  to visit this one-of-a-kind exhibition. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a tremendous success.

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