A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and every couple would like to make it as colorful as possible so that the memories can be stronger and appealing. Starting from the wedding invitation cards, the wedding dresses and suits, the congregation and finally the venue they all must reflect awesomeness. Invitation cards however come before any of these. People most often can judge the kind of wedding by the type of wedding card you send to them. A number of factors need to be put into consideration such as the theme, the color and uniqueness. In this article, we are going to look at some of the wedding categories and modern relevant theme to use on the cards.


1. Beach wedding

Shell beach wedding invitation card

This type of beach invitation card features a purple shell the main graphic being a heart. Often, you will not find purple being associated with beach wedding cards, however, this color bears an idea of romantic events. This makes it a perfect and unique wedding invitation card design. If you are doing a lesser casual beach wedding, this is the most appropriate card to make. You can customize your names to make the main icon or logo for the event.

Nautical sailing invitation card

This type is most effective for a small and less formal boat sailing wedding event. Their design depicts love of the bride and the bridegroom being carried in sailing boat. It is intentionally designed to symbolize joy of the couple towards the invites. A couple that wants to convey a playful wedding will make the message clear due to the non-formal graphic expressions on this wedding card. Double happiness character used in Chinese weddings has been incorporated in this theme to remind every person the joy of the event.

2. Fall wedding

Gold yellow fall invitation cards

These cards represent a romantic fall season. The template is used to convey falling romance like falling rains. The border bears very colorful leaves and inside the leaves enclosure, you can convey your message. The design upholds cleanliness in the way it is simply designed. The main colors are brown, orange and yellow. The wordings are in dark reddish brown to match up the colors well.

Lovely leaf design

This design is suitable for all the weddings scheduled to take pace during the romantic autumn season. Fall weddings are very well represented by the leaf idea which are simple to design and they look classic. The leaves are also geometrically placed making the cards depict modernity. The cards also look different from the old-fashioned traditional designs. Also, the double happiness Chinese symbol has been incorporated on the letter “O” in the word INVITATION. However, the JPG version is available if you want to remove the Chinese character making this card very flexible.

3. Las Vegas wedding

Play cards design invitation card

It is very possible for a wedding event to take place in Las Vegas making this card very relevant. It will remain memorable to you and your guests. The card will bear a playing card symbol and the casino life. The Q and the K can symbolize king and queen of cards coming together. This kind of wedding is more intimate when made smaller. Ordering these cards will be affordable since only a small number is required.