Summer ends slowly and autumn gains territory and the entire nature prepares to go to sleep. So it’s only natural you’ll feel the same way. It’s no wonder that during this period of the year mellow songs are so popular. Thus, we come again and ask you how does your autumn playlist sound like?

To set the mood for our lullaby, imagine a rainy night, the room is cold but you’re in between the warm sheets with a good book and you listen to this autumn playlist. Since we’re big fans of both 8tracks and soundcloud we’ve prepared two kinds of lullabies.

Slepping teddy bear

In 8tracks you can find your favorite tunes and combine them in a nice playlist. Moreover, you can see other users’ mixes and browse through them using either a song you like or specific tags like mellow songs or reading playlist, whatever your mood or occasion is, here you can find a playlist for it. On soundtrack on the other hand you’ll find lots and lots of remixes, covers and new artists. Filter your search using genres or view playlists that have a specific artist in them.

Soundtrack – Perfect Autumn Lullaby

We’ll start with a bit of country folk, go into indies and spice things up with just the right amount of indie pop and rock. Twenty tracks for a perfect autumn night, you’ll love this playlist for reading, falling asleep, studying or maybe even do a bit of contemporary dancing. Give it a try!

8tracks – Mellow Songs for Autumn Nights

Old and new come together in this mellow playlist and we jazzed things up with some romance to creates the perfect mood for a perfect autumn night. Here you can choose song from their own library or upload your own. This playlist is relaxing and goes just well with a glass of wine.

Mellow Songs for Autumn Nights from molempire on 8tracks Radio.

Nature’s Songs

Or if you’re more of a nature’s song person, try this awesome website where you can find sound of fire, rain, thunderstorm and more. It will create a nice ambient for your autumn lullaby and get you to sleep in no time at all. Mix, play, enjoy and sleep tight!