If you own a Pinterest account you’ve probably saw how popular braids are. And as good as they look as hard they are to create. It might be easy to do them on someone else but if you try to do them for yourself things get tricky. I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying you need a little practice and patience because you won’t be ready to pin after the first try.

Tips for better braids

Before you start here if a heads-up on do’s and don’ts when braiding your hair:

  • start small, make sure you master the 3 strand braids and fishtail before even dreaming of more complex hairdos;
  • practice working in a mirror,  it will be hard since everything it’s in reverse, so don’t get nervous if you simply mistake left for right;
  • don’t start braiding immediately after you wash your hair, braids are easier to achieve if your hair is not that silky and slippery;
  • don’t get caught in messy hair, embrace it; messy braids are actually considered more sexy and appealing.

Everyday braid hairstyles

Now you have what you need to get started.

Bellow you have a few suggestions for everyday braids. Keep in mind the tips and tricks from above and begin practicing. As a rule of thumb, don’t practice when you actually need a hairstyle before an event, start when you have nowhere to go and just play with your hair.

Hair Romance hairstyle tutorial half crown braid

Hair Romance Easy Twisted Ponytail

Photo credit: Hair Romance

Inspiration for your braids

Well, in my opinion photos are great if you already know the drill. But if you are new to braiding, video tutorials work better. For this, YouTube will be your best friend, just type braid hairstyle and you will get tons of tutorials.

As for my personal favorite, here are the channels I watch:

  • The Small Things Blog – Kate is great with explanations and her tutorials are perfect for medium-long hair;

  • Missy Sue – on her wavy blonde hair, every braid looks amazing and she’s good with complex haidos;

  • Bebexo – she is like the encyclopedia of braiding, every style you’ve heard of, she’s done it.

Happy braiding!