The best thing that came along with the Internet revolution is the unlimited access to all kind of resources. There are many among us that love art but don’t really want to spend a fortune on it. We all have peculiar tastes and back in the day decorating your house with paintings that absolutely fitted your style would have meant tons of money spent, trips to the right galleries and reading profile books and magazines to learn about new artists. Now, you have all that you need at our fingertips, a few clicks and the sculpture you dreamed about is now in your living room and you probably  didn’t have to sell a kidney to get it. (excuse my french)

So let’s talk some more about accessible art and see where are the best places to purchase paintings, sculptures, antiques, maps, advertising posters and many more. There is out there an art piece that will suit you perfectly, have the courage to look for it. Here are my top favorite places when it comes to purchasing amazing new art.

As they state in their slogan, Art Space provides “Insider access to the world’s best art”. They serve as a middle ground and wish to connect artists directly to buyers. It’s a nice opportunity to get a view on the latest art works and cut the costs of a middleman.


A membership only website, this gallery focuses especially on contemporary digital prints. Canvases are prepared to be hanged on the wall and can be bought on a pre-established time frame.


An art show filled with limited edition contemporary art. The exhibits are sold in pound sterling from artist all over the world. Here you can find from really affordable paintings to exclusive, high-priced art. It’s definitely worth looking into.


A website created to provide a ground to sell and promote. Here every artist can upload their art which gets voted, so that the most appreciated items get featured on home page. A web shop where art prints can be sold, promoted and ultimately owned.


Are you a new art buyer? Well, this is your place! One of the coolest things about this art shop is the Art 101 section where you can learn how to correctly evaluate an exhibit according to your budget, how to hang a painting or how to start an art collection. Besides, it’s filled with original art at a wide price range.


A relatively new art web shop displaying digital photography and affordable prints. It’s also a good place to research mostly Canadian but also international artists. With a CV enclosed and a brief portfolio, you can browse and discover new talents.

So that’s my short list of the best art web shops. Where do you buy your art? Which is your favorite website?