Have you ever stumbled over great inventions while browsing the Internet? Of course you did! There are so many amazing things out there which would definitely ease your work or provide just the right amount of fun, but you don’t even know they exist.

For example having long hair is tough even for my broomstick and I hate it how I need to clean it and untangle the mess. But yesterday I found out there actually exists a broom groomer and suddenly my life got simpler.

So looked into these amazing inventions and I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites.

Let’s start with Antro, the folding scooter that can be transformed into a troler in no time at all. It’s stylish and convenient, it weighs 25 kg (55lb) and can reach a speed of 45 km/h (27 mi), according to the Hungarian manufacturer.

folding scooter

Photo credit: solo-duo.hu

Somewhere in the same area, I’ve discovered the bag that functions as a bicycle blinker. It’s something that will ensure safety for the biker and a flawless traffic.

If there is a folding scooter, of course there is a folding bike as well, it’s called The “Bergmönch” and it’s used as a hiking backpack, how cool is that!?

Bergmönch – Hiking uphill Wheeling downhill from höfats | design + engineering on Vimeo.

Getting up in the morning is a challenge we all struggle. The Carpet Alarm Clock is an actual carpet that rings and in order to be stopped you have to walk on it. Now that’s a clever way of getting you down from bed.

carpet alarm

Photo credit: yankodesign.com

Do you want to feel like on a road ride in the comfort of your own living room? No problem! You have Ciclotte for this, a minimalistic stationary bike that provides a wonderful experience for you exercising routine.

ciclotte exercise bike

Photo credit:storeciclotte.com

Another life saving idea are the Shama Shades, a pair of sunglasses that produce energy to recharge your phone battery. Simple, efficient and look trendy.

Huffington Post reporting about Shamashades from Sayalee Kaluskar on Vimeo.

Have you ever tried to paint your own room? Well I did. And I wanted it in two colors. Seems simple, but when you reach the edges it gets ballistic. You simply cannot create a straight line with a paintbrush. I wish I knew back then about the Accubrush Paint Edgers.

edge painting tool

Photo credit:painthelpers.com

Who said doors are boring? Tobias Fränzel showed the world how fun it is if you can turn it into a ping pong table. Be careful though not to ruin your walls.

PingPong Door Solo

Photo credit:tobiasfraenzel.com

Want to take your dog out on a walk on a rainy day with getting it soaked? No problem, enter the dog umbrella.

Dog Umbrella

Available on Amazon:amazon.com

Ever wondered how can others know the time just by looking at the sun? Well, you can learn that too if you have this awesome umbrella.

znug planetary parasol

Photo credit:691236.com

What’s the latest invention you discovered?