Have you ever heard of Dotillism? Neither did I! And that’s because it’s a new form of art, a concept established by Elspeth McLean, an Australian artist who believes she can bring joy to people’s life through vibrant colors and dots.

The term Dotillism she used to describe her art was created because she could not fit her artwork into any category. Although she uses dots as in Pointillism, her pattern does not provide an image, it’s simply a pattern.

Autumn Mandal aStonePhoto credit:elspethmclean.com

Some have tried to place her art into traditional Australian Aboriginal, but she does not use traditional colors and her pattern is not used to tell a story. In her case, dots are simply a visual effect she likes and uses it to decorate stones, canvases and many other materials.

Using a simple paint brush she carefully applies dots on stones. She said it’s more about the pressure and the paint rather that the instrument you use it to apply the dots. She uses acrylic paint to decorate the Mandala stones because the patterns are built in layers and she needs them to dry fast.

With a degree in Art Therapy, she believes her designs can transmit emotions and provide comfort to the viewer. Elspeth signs her artwork with her initials written in braille. She took this decision after someone commented that her art is “braille for the soul”. Due to the many layers applied on the stones her pattern is somehow 3D and has a nice feeling when hold in your hand.

Mandala Stone in hands

Her work is inspired by  her everyday life. From travels with her husband, to dreams, or nature, she takes her feelings and transmits the through colors. That’s why she says that when looking back at all her art, she feels like reading her life’s story.  Here is her view on the art she makes:

“Painting is my way to find my “happy place” and color is a way to express and celebrate the colors of my soul. By using bright and vivid colors and intricate dot work style, the artwork I create becomes a direct expression of my experience of life. I tend to focus on the more uplifting and beautiful aspects of this world because I think there is already enough darkness.”

Mandala Stones

On her website you can find more information about her work and if you wish to buy art, search her on Etsy. She has a beautiful online store that she updates frequently with new work.
Resource: ravenectar.com