Learning how to play music is a valuable skill at any age, but when a young child picks up an instrument, the benefits skyrocket. Music has a profound effect on a developing mind, and weekly lessons offer several mental and physical benefits. As a kind of calisthenics of the mind, each lesson challenges and strengthens your child’s cognitive abilities.

It’s Never Too Early To Learn An Instrument

For several decades now, medical professionals have studied the effects of music on the brain, and they’ve found that it actually makes children (and adults) smarter. By several IQ points, no less. New research suggests that music affects the structure of the brain, especially in the left hemisphere, which is where the ability to read and play music develops. It’s also where language comprehension is cultivated, which is why those children enrolled in music lessons have stronger language, math, and reasoning skills than those that aren’t. This translates intosuperior performances at school, as they’re better at communicating,problem solving, and understanding and processing instructions than their cohorts.

If this wasn’t enough to enroll your child into music lessons straight away, then here’s more reason to. Music lessons also help to develop your child’s physical skills, too. Extreme co-ordination and motor skills are necessary to play any musical instrument – especially piano. Think about rubbing your stomach and tapping your head at the same time, and that’s practically what you’re doing when you play the piano. The action requires concentration and dexterity. When sat in front of the keyboard, the left and right hand have to play notes simultaneously as your child reads off both the treble and bass clefs. With practice, your child will improve their ambidexterity and timing.

Learn an Instrument

With improved dexterity and a stronger mind, your child is sure to find success early on in life. So why delay in introducing music in their life any longer? As early as 5 years old, you can begin prepping your child for his or her best life with formalized music lessons. To find beginner music lessons for kids in your area, visit your local Long & McQuade. They offer private lessons with professional musicians for a variety of instruments. And with 63 locations across the country, there’s bound to be one nearby.

As a parent, you want to provide the best opportunities for your child. Signing them up for music lessons early on in life is one of the best ways you can do that for them. Not only will it provide them with the tools to master the instrument of their choice (a skill that will last a lifetime), but these lessons will give them the foundation on which they can build a more successful life.