Plus size women often find it difficult finding swimwear and other apparel in their size at regular department stores and this is because plus-sized shoppers have always been an overlooked demographic. Most retailers only carry a small inventory of plus size clothing despite the fact that most people are not a size zero to four! With retail space at a premium, the average store will only carry a limited amount of plus size clothing to say nothing of plus-sized swimwear. Plus sizes generally run from size 8 and up, but most retailers will not carry larger sizes for fear they will not sell.

Look Sexy And Sweet In Plus Size Swimwea

With so many Americans considered overweight or obese you would think that retail shelves would be filled with plus-sized clothing, but sadly this is not the case. Surveys have proven that most plus-size women do not buy the majority of their clothing in stores due to poor selection and lack of proper size variations. In fact, most department stores only carry up to size 12. Finding swimwear in plus sizes is even more difficult in brick-and-mortar stores because many retailers feel plus-size women will not wear swimwear and the items will go unsold. This may have been true at some point but the latest trends in plus-sized swimwear are both flattering and sexy making plus-sized swimwear more appealing, available, and affordable than ever before. Here are some of the changes that have come over the plus-sized swimsuit industry in the last 10 years.

Plus Size Swimwear is Available In Eye Catching Designs And Styles.

The most thorough online retailers will offer a body shape calculator to help you determine which styles will suit your body. Once you have a clear idea of what you want in your swimwear, your online swimsuit shopping experience will be a lot easier. For support, you’ll want to look for a quality material. The best material for plus-sized women is Lycra. Lycra, commonly known as “Spandex” is highly stretchable and soft. It comes in hundreds of different colors and patterns, so it’s the most versatile swimsuit fabric out there. With high-waisted bikinis and tankinis, plus-size women can enjoy a day at the pool or beach looking their absolute sexiest. With control top panels that trim up the tummy and underwire cup bras, plus-sized swimwear is both fashionable and comfortable. Gone are the days of basic black, and styles can now be found in a large variety of colors and patterns. With traditional retail stores shying away from plus-sized swimwear and other apparel, online stores with massive selection models such as swimsuitsforall have taken up the slack offering new and trendy swimwear styles.

Plus-Sized Designs and Styles are Now Made to Flatter and Not Simply to Conceal.

Swimwear for plus-size women includes one-piece suits that show off your curves and accentuate your best assets while covering trouble areas with flattering patterns, designs, and colors, as well as trimming and edging additions that provide a slim-down effect. High waist bottoms slim the waist and tummy while accentuating the thighs, whileruching lengthens the upper body and attracts attention to the chest. Plus-sized swimwear also combines bright colors to enhance the areas you want to emphasize and dark color to draw away attention from trouble spots to highlight your most attractive features.

So, if you’re a full-figured gal who is looking for a great swimsuit, trust an online retailer with a body type calculator to help you feel comfortable making your selections. An online store like swimsuitsforall offers such a calculator, and also caters specifically and exclusively to plus-size shoppers, virtually guaranteeing a more positive experience. If money is an issue, remember that a year-round retailer will offer great deals as new trends are constantly coming in. Stock rollover and quick-moving trends mean that there is almost always a sale somewhere online. To see the newest deals, check out new swimwear on sale at swimsuitsforall and get something sexy and chic before the season ends.

More and more women are moving online for their swimsuit shopping needs. A recent article on states that even though two-thirds of American women fall into the plus-size category, many retailers are hesitant to carry more plus-sized clothing and that the fashion industry as a whole is still playing catch up when it comes to plus size fashion. The revolution is online, and you don’t want to miss it!