Well, since this month we have the spooky holiday of Halloween, I got inspired and searched for some interesting and a bit scary art. So while browsing the subject I stumbled upon a neat website called skullappreciationsociety.com. I was intrigued and cautiously entered the address.

At first sight I saw all kind of art works, including paintings, digital illustrations, sculptures, tattoos, skull sculptures and skull carvings. Well, if tattoos portraying flaming skulls were something I am used to see, elaborate sculptures made entirely out of bones or embroidered skulls were a different thing.

I picked from this website just a few examples to give you a glimpse.

Bruce Mahalski is an artist from New Zealand who from a deep appreciation for the living and death he started to created sculptures using actual bones. His latest collection actually includes even a human skull.

Skull Sculpture Bruce Mahalski

Bone calligraphy is actually a niche and provides genuine hand painted skulls. Apparently there are shops on Etsy where you can commission such art works.

Bone Calligraphy skull decorations

If you are tired of the classical animal wall mounted skulls, search for DeadHappy on Etsy, you will see a new approach towards this art. In this little shop you can find many accessories and decorations made out of bones, but this spray-painted mounted coyote skull beats them all.

Mounted Coyote Skull

Somehow in the same area I found Shane Wilson, another artist who carves really detailed patterns. His creations are simply amazing, if you look at the craftsmanship of his works you will be blown away. Every corner, every edge is carefully created to fit into the pattern and compose a unique decor into animal skulls.

Shane Wilson Carved Animal Skull

Shane Wilson Carved Animal Skull Detail

Another great finding in this area was the gallery from Skull Bliss, an art shop where Balinese skull carvings are exhibited and sold. All are handmade into animal skulls. With high attention to details, these art works can fit into any decor. See their photos for inspiration.

So, what do you think? I have the utmost respect for the artists behind these great pieces, but it’s not exactly my cup of tea. I prefer my living room skull free. Except for Halloween, of course! I’m sure some of the above will make a perfect decoration for such an occasion.