On Halloween, all your guests need to feel the spirit of the holiday. So beside all the decorations and special food you are going to prepare, you must have a really special playlist. Although there are a lot of scary tunes, you have to pick them carefully, according to the type of party you are hosting.

If you want your guests to mingle and discuss freely, you need some background music. But not any kind of music, the one that gives you chills, the one that will make your guest stop talking and listen for a second only to realize it gave them goose bumps. That’s what you should aim for. We took the liberty to create our own little spooky Halloween playlist. We mixed only instrumentals, we used old horror movies soundtracks, classical music and some really creepy sounds.

Spooky Halloween Background Music from molempire on 8tracks Radio.

If you have a dancing party, then turn the beats up. Here it also depends on the crowd, because if you put some dark metal in the playlist not all of them will enjoy it. Or will they? My advice is to put a bit of everything as long as they have some dancing rhythm and they’re scary in the same time. That’s what you should aim for, it’s a spot on for a dancing Halloween party. But it’s definitely not appropriate if you invite children or if your party is more of a family gathering. Otherwise, here is a glimpse on what I’d play on a dancing Halloween party.

If you have a flat screen and want to create a dark atmosphere, with music and dim lights, try to search some music videos with a spooky touch. It’s not hard to find them, famous artists like Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne or groups like The Prodigy and Metallica are just a few that quickly crossed my mind. Or if you want something disturbingly creepy, take a look over this video to understand what kind of stuff you can find online in just a few seconds.

Happy planning! Hope you’ll have a wonderful Halloween party!

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