Dust off your costumes, stack up on chocolate candy, and buy some pumpkins because Halloween is coming!  But in order to properly enjoy this holiday and to receive your guests in the right setting, you must first prepare your decorations. In case you thought you need to spend a little fortune just to get a glimpse of the Halloween scary atmosphere, think again.

It’s time to buy some glue and duct tape, sharpen the scissors and watch some tutorials because you are going to create your own amazing decorations.

So let’s put them a bit into context. You’ll want event the people who just pass by to understand you are excited about Halloween and maybe even scare them a bit. Cool! Ground your kids… in front of the house. You don’t understand what I’m talking about? Have a look:

Grounded kids Halloween

You can read how to do that here.

Now people would want to come and knock on your door. Which is another key in this scenario. You could take care of your door by transforming it into a giant mummy. It’s really simple, all you need are some crepe paper streamers, draw eyes on a paper and cut them, fold the edges with clear tape and your mission is done. It’s really cheap and the effect is amazing.

crepe paper mummy door

Now, if those knocking on your door are kids trick or treating, you must prepare something extra special for them! The easiest way to give them a slightly spooky treat is to buy a set of surgical gloves, fill them with sweets and tie them with a ribbon. If you want to go the extra mile, add a ring one one finger, or light a read candle and let it drop on the gloves to look like blood. Laura from The Queen’s Card Castle tells us it’s a hit among both children and adults.

Halloween Hand with treats

Now it’s time to get inside and take care of a few details for friends and family. Grab a yarn and see for yourself how easy it is to create a spider web. With a scotch tape, a pair of scissors and this detailed explanation you can create a realistic and creepy spider web.

Yarn Spider web

For extra touches with minimum effort you could tape some black, plastic trash bag on your windows to keep all vampires happy and away from sunlight. Or buy some fake blood and a cheap white towel (don’t do this to your good one, it won’t get out) and add some bloody hand prints. Don’t bother to make them perfect, it will look more real.

Bloody Towel Halloween

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed these cheap Halloween DIY decorations. If you have other ideas, share them with us.