Looking for a new way to celebrate Halloween? Well, then probably a simpe costume party is not gonna cut the chase. The true beauty that relies in this holiday is its versatility. Play tricks on your guests, transform imagination into reality and create a night to remember. So if you want to maximize the potential of Halloween, here are a few party ideas you could host this year.

All pumpkin party

Let’s start mild with a cute and family friendly approach. Think pumpkins and nothing else. At this party all your decorations and party treats should be made out of pumpkins. Carve a few to create the mood and put candles for your proper Halloween jack-o’-lanterns. Now plan the menu, which should be rather easy since pumpkins go well both salty and sweet. Start with a creamy soup or jump right to the main course where a stuffed pumpkin is your to go approach. Fill it with delicious cheese, vegetables and ground beef meat. The amazing look and scrumptious taste will be the perfect show to feed the crowd. End the evening with a pumpkin pie and make sure you also prepare some pumpkin spice latte, Starbucks style. As for your guests, how creepy and picture perfect would be if you’d ask them to come wearing back capes and holding a Jack-O’-Lantern!? Amazing!

Jack o LanternsHouse of horrors

Have you ever been in an amusement park? Well, then you are familiar with the house of horrors concept. Basically all you need to do is to place all kind of booby traps and contraptions to give your guests an old fashioned Halloween scare. Reserve your kitchen for the buffet and fill it with scary looking food. Then turn all your other rooms into separate experiences. Here are a few ideas on what you could do, budget is your only limit, otherwise go crazy. Play with light, or leave your guests in the dark, use Noisil to create windy/ghostly sounds, use fake mirrors, fake spider webs, fake snakes and basically play with all kind of human fears.

House of HorrorsNight of the Living Dead

Did anyone say zombies? Well, I did! One of the most iconic creatures in all Halloween related movies are zombies. And you can go from funny to really scary on this one. Considering the type of guests you’ll have, you can set themed playlists, do some inspired snacks and create a decor to impress. Stage fake murders, place a pork brain on display, cover your towels with fake blood and serve Bloody Mary.  

halloween decorations

The Red Wedding

Themed parties are the real deal. If a few years back we were all Lord of the Ring characters, let’s keep up with the latest trends and do a Game of Thrones party. Make an online list and pick your characters, in order not to have duplicates and keep everyone satisfied, or maybe decide according to resemblance. Turn your dining room into a medieval setting, download Games of Thrones’ soundtrack and let the feast begin.game of thrones the red wedding

Horror movies craze

Nothing says Halloween party louder than a horror marathon. From old horror movies, to creepy low budgets, you can establish a great list to watch. You can ask guests to come as their favorite horror movie character and serve weird looking finger food to keep them fueled the whole night. It’s a simple idea to have a relaxing night with friends, have fun and feel the Halloween spirit. Start as soon as it’s dark outside, it will be a thrill to hear the trick or treaters ring the doorbell in the middle of a really scary scene.Old horror movie

So what is your idea of a perfect Halloween party?