In life usually there are two approaches. In the first one you spent a lot of time, you make efforts to understand and have an aching desire to find your calling and for some it work for some it does not. The second approach is how I like to call it the “lucky strike”. Meaning you do something because the circumstances have place you in the right spot and while doing that you discover a real passion which usually evolves into a beautiful career.

Photographer John Poppleton found himself discovering the highlight of his career and one of his greatest passion by chance, during a sleepless night, in a hotel room. He’s been working in the field for more than 20 years, shooting portraits and weddings. His talent was admired by many magazines and industry influencers. Though he worked in the field and was aware of the multiple approaches of photography he never had a desire to create fantasy portraits.

Black Light PortraitBut, something happened. Photoshop introduced Liquify and inspiration stroke John Poppleton. He enlarged the ears on one of his brides and ended up transforming her into a beautiful elf. An image which turned up so good he introduced in his portfolio and from there this simply felt right. His work was commissioned to create eerie images for a calendar in the first place, then opportunities grew in fast numbers.

body paint art black lighAfter having the brilliant idea that late night, in the hotel room, to use black light on his portraits photos he started creating amazing images which have traveled the world.

One of the project I discovered recently and I fall in love with is his Black Light Bodyscapes. John applies temporary fluorescent paints directly on a human body and then he photographs them to create a beautiful art. He says he’s inspired by nature and the colors of the sunset. In this collection he places the beauty of a woman together with the wonders of nature to give us a glimpse of the greatness that relies in our world.

body paint black lightPhoto credit: John Poppleton