So let’s recap a bit the Halloween essentials and see what we managed to cover already.

You should have your decorations done by now, but if you somehow got delayed, take a look over these cheap do it yourself decorations which will turn your house into a proper setting for the celebration in no time at all. They are all simple to make, accessible and provide an awesome outcome.

But, before jumping into decorations, you might what to think what kind of party will you host, because it might change the needed setting. If you’re out of ideas, I wrote an article about party ideas for Halloween. You can find there an all pumpkin suggestion, a horror movies marathon and much more. I’ve added a few details for each so you might start a plan based on these recommendations.

So, now you have a theme for your party, you’ve bought party decorations and set the mood. For the last part, check these playlists, you can choose from spooky dancing tunes, to scary background music.

One of the few details left is to craft a spooky Halloween party invitation. For this, I have a little friend called Canva. It’s pretty simple to use, plus they already have a few layouts which you could edit, like the ones below. With nice visuals, lots of vector art, they usually adapt their content depending on the occasion.

Spooktacular Fair Invitation

Halloween Party Invitation

Trick or Treat Invitation

If you are not satisfied with their offer, you can always create one from scratch. You can upload your own art or choose from their vast gallery. You can have real photos, nice graphics, lots of fonts and endless options to create your invitation. The great thing about this service is that you can totally use it for free and if you like an image or design they already created, you can always buy it for 1$ each.

31 October

In half an hour you’ll have a beautiful invitation which you can easily print, sent via email or share it on social networks. Invitations will reach you guest in no time and you can have more time to prepare your party. If you want to edit one of the invitations above, check our Canva profile.